Discovery Part 1

I haven’t posted anything since January, so I’m way overdue.  But I’ve been doing a lot of reading, thinking, and applying things I’ve learned, so I haven’t been idle.  Here I’ll try to get my thoughts in order.

544925_586913921321593_1443331156_nBefore my fall off of Angel last November, I had spoken with my priest about the number of times I have been injured since I broke my foot in July, 2012.  Besides the initial stumble that broke a bone, I’ve had a stress fracture, tripped and fell again cracking a rib.  Why am I so clumsy?  Why can’t I take better care of myself?  Is there something going on beyond the normal vagaries of life?  I told her I wanted do to something about this – if something could be done – before I broke my neck!  Within a couple of weeks I sent her an email: “Remember when I said I wanted to talk about this before I broke my neck?”  And then went on to explain about my fall off of Angel.

My riding recovered.  It took a little while; I was nervous and afraid.  Every time Angel pointed his ears at something I tensed up.  Rod helped me through it and now I feel like my old self in the saddle again.  There are three other things that have really impacted how I think and feel, and I want to articulate them here.  The first one is a major change in my blood pressure medication.  What I was on was making me so lethargic I seemed to have no energy to catch myself or jump out of the way.  It crept up on me and I really didn’t notice right away. With a different Rx I feel like a new person.  That is a relief!

Of the other two, one is “equestrian” and one is “theology.”

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