Like Batter off Mixer Blades

On Sunday Angel spooked at something – I have no idea what – spun 180 degrees as only mixera Quarter horse can and I went flying off like batter off of mixer blades. Landed on my lower back/upper pelvis. Fortunately no broken bones, just bruised and sore as can be. Knocked the wind out of me and I was so frustrated. I haven’t come off in years, and after my foot surgery, getting the hardware out of my foot, tripping and falling on the way to the bus terminal in San Francisco and cracking a rib, this was just too much.

This is also the first time ever that I have come off of a horse and not gotten right back on. But physically I just couldn’t.

Then, the very next day, there’s a new post from my hero over at Mugwump Chronicles, writing about what it takes to have a reliable steed.  She recounts a trail ride with her friend:

At one point, Kathy and I did talk about the day, our horses and how far we’ve come.
“Did you ever think we’d be riding down the trail, on these horses, like a couple of old ladies?”
“We are old ladies.”
We grinned at each other.
“You know why they’re like this, don’t you?”
“I think so.”
“Because this is what you get when you don’t quit, when you keep learning, when you keep trying.”

Ok then.  Angel wasn’t being bad.  He didn’t buck me off.  He just did what horses do – run from a perceived danger.  He didn’t even run away; once I came off he stopped and just stood by until help came.  He really is quite a good boy.  He could have run out the open arena gate and to his stall to hide.  He didn’t.  When a horse spooks and doesn’t try to buck you off, that means he’s trying to save both of you from the horse-eating monster.

As soon as I’m able to get on again, we’ll be back at it, still learning, still trying.

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