Believe it or not, fall is here.  Days are still (mostly) warm, and nights are getting cooler.  We had a rain storm – unusual for September – last Saturday and quite a wind storm last night.  I like it!

Autumn also brings some changes for us.  I’ve moved Angel back to Applecreek Farms where he lived for a number of years before we moved to the “stable on the hill.”  It was a good choice to move out 18 months ago.  It gave me room to breathe, get confidence in my own ability to take care of and handle my horse, and to explore a little bit of trail.  But it is also good to be back home.  Angel is very happy – there’s much more interaction for him with other horses and people.  The flies don’t bother him there and he’s put on a few pounds – I don’t see his ribs any more.  (You’re supposed to be able to feel them but not see them.)  I can tell that he’s happy and comfortable in his roomy stall and paddock.  That’s all that matters.

I said to a friend that “It’s good to be riding again with the people I learned to ride with.”   We’re all on the same page.  It’s like how my sisters and I all work together well in the kitchen; we were all taught by the same mother.

I had Angel’s new halter blessed at the Celebration of the Feast of St. Francis at church on Sunday.  A good way to begin our new adventure!

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