My Birthday Present to Myself

Angel closeupFor my birthday I took a vacation day Friday and Monday (today), giving myself a 4-day weekend.  I was able to ride all 4 days.  My goal was to get out on the trail, and we did!

It’s been hard.  I used to go out on these trails all the time when Angel was stabled here before.  But now I’m older and dealing with fears and he’s lost his “I’m-used-to-it”-ness (that’s not a word). Trail riding was my goal when we moved back to this stable.  First I was scared. Then it was winter and the trails were muddy.  Then I was scared some more.  Then I broke my foot and couldn’t ride for months.  Then it was winter again and the trails were muddy.

Waah waah waah.

Friday it was really (I mean really windy) so I rode in the indoor arena.  (See post: What I’ve Learned: “The only thing I have to prove is that I’m not stupid.”}  But Saturday we hit the trail and it was fine.  Sunday we hit the trail and successfully negotiated a cyclist and his dog, and a hiker and his dog, and it was fine.  Today we went even further out, and it started to feel like old times.  Passed a few scary things, and it was fine.  Got back to the stable with a big grin on my face.

Angel is settling in to negotiating that big scary world out there, and I’m getting more and more confident.  It’s about time!  Happy birthday to me!

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