What Would Rod Do?

After four and a half months, I got back in the saddle this weekend.  After breaking this stupid little piece of bone in my foot and having it encased in either an ortho boot or a cast, I’m finally back in real shoes and able to put my foot in the stirrup.

While Angel has been groomed and exercised and given plenty of attention, he’s basically been on vacation all this time.  I mounted up with a bit of trepidation.  I needn’t have worried.

I thought, “What would Rod do?” I could hear his voice inside my head.  “Lunge the crap out of him first!”  Check.  “Make him go exactly where you want him to go.  Steer!”  Check.  “Sit  back, head up, heels down!”  Check.  “Keep his attention on you.”  Check.

After about 2 minutes I realized that Angel and I had lost nothing; it was like there’d been no interruption in my riding at all.  My foot didn’t bother me, and my back stopped hurting for the first time since the accident.  I was right where I’m supposed to be.  Angel was happy too; he seemed glad to get back to our routine.

Now, if the rain would just let up…



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1 Response to WWRD?

  1. Sid says:

    A bit whew for you, my friend. I know how you feel. Glad it all went so well. I often hear Rod’s voice in my head. Heck I hear it in the barn…but do carry it with me when he’s not there. I’m sure Angel was very happy to have you back and resume his normal routine.

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