“Don’t Sell Your Saddle”

I’ve been out of commission since mid-July.  Broken foot didn’t heal, so I had to have surgery to pin the bone.  Won’t be able to ride until November.  Besides feeling incredibly frustrated and disappointed, I miss Angel terribly.  Since I can’t drive, I can’t even get up to the stable very often to see him.  I know he’s being well cared-for, but I hate not being there to look after him.  I also have to confess to being a little jealous that his care-givers get to play with him and I don’t.

Ok, enough whining.  Finding this poem the other day was a God-send

Don’t Sell Your Saddle

Don’t give up on dreams.
Take time to see ’em through.
There is no magic recipe,
hard work makes ’em come true.

Even when you’re struggling,
your friends will stick like glue.
Don’t ever sell your saddle,
your dreams won’t give up on you.

By Don Bilup

This is a delay, nothing more.  I’m certainly not “selling my saddle.”  I am starting to plan my plan for winter riding and exercises.

What am I learning from all this?  I’m certainly learning a new appreciation for ADA compliance!  And a new appreciation for people who are permanently disabled in some way.  I have to adjust my life for a couple of months; there are plenty of people who have to adjust the rest of their lives.  I’m not one who believes that God “wants” or “causes” or “plans” for any individual to be disabled.  But what we do after a disability – that is what God is interested in.  I’m hardly an expert, and not in any position to wax philosophical to those who are permanently disabled.  But, as they say on SouthPark, “I learned something today.”  Don’t sell your saddle.


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