Stormy Weather – And It’s Just Fine!

Our new barn is very different.  There must be close to 90 horses at the facility, but I hardly ever run into others during the week.  Weekends are only moderately busy, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I go up after work, there is often nobody else around; there is one gentleman who gives lessons sometimes on Thursday evenings, and the occasional person drops in to visit their horse.  It is very quiet, and so very different from what I’m used to.

Angel has been at his new home for about a month.  He settled in, we’ve been riding around the ranch and out on the trails a bit, and then the rains hit.  It’s been either windy, or stormy, or both for almost two weeks.  I was thinking that I’d just have to start over when the rain was gone and the mud dried.  But I’ve discovered that Angel is just fine.  He gets turned out every day, and that makes a huge difference.  The barn manager uses the big, indoor arena to turn out horses during the week so they can “buck-n-fart” as we call it, and it keeps them sane, instead of being locked into their stalls for a week.  I tack up, lunge him for a few minutes to warm up, and we’re good to go.

Even though I’ve only been able to ride a few times in the past couple of weeks – as Rod says, “Wind is NOT our friend” – Angel has been, well, an angel.  He’s been quiet and responsive.   Since there is virtually no human socializing at the barn in the evening, my focus is totally on Angel and what we’re doing.  That is another thing that is making a big difference – attention, attention, attention.  He’s glad to see me and glad to get down to work.

I am loving the LightRider Bitless Bridle (so does Angel!).  Cues are becoming more and more subtle. I’ve often read that as one’s hands get lighter, one should open the rein to “invite” the horse to turn in that direction, rather than pulling on the rein to pull him that way.  That never worked real well with a bit, but with the bitless bridle it works very well.  Not sure why.  All I know is that he moves so well in it, and I actually feel like I have better control and a better “whoa” than with a bit.  For real.  My fear issues are slowly fading away.  Mugwump Chronicles posted an excellent piece on rider fear and I relate completely to what she writes: “I think the worst part of getting older and maturing is the fear. I love my horses, and I love riding, but I hate the fear I get that prevents me from achieving what I know my horse is capable of.”  It is frustrating to the horse, as well.  But we’re getting better!

I will *try* to get some new photos this weekend!
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