“Intent Counts More Than Technique”

A friend shared this powerful video on Facebook:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n206LuMnFjk  (I can’t embed the video.)

The video is about yoga, and how intent counts more than technique.  What the teacher has to say is applicable to so many areas of life.

  • What you’re doing has to be honest or what you’re doing has no integrity.
  • If you are agonizing over your words, those words are probably not true for you.
  • A tree would break if it were rigid.  We have to be flexible.
  • A person is what his deep desire is.  What you bring to the table is what you are offered.
  • Having right action/intent is the same as developing compassion, which is the same as checking your ego at the door.  Arrive at the scene with clarity and open-heartedness.

This is what I have to bring to my work with my horse.  Purity of intent.  Clarity.  Open-heartedness.  This is the same thing all of my teachers have been saying all these years, whether its Mark Rashid or Buck Brannaman or Half-Pass Girl or Rod Hernandez.  Yet it takes hearing it from someone else in a totally different context for me to “get it.”

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