Like A Rock

I just had to share…
Yesterday I was riding Angel in the covered arena – the only place TO ride because of the rain.  We’d had a good session, and as I was dismounting to leave some kids showed up.  These are special needs kids who take lessons with one of the trainers at the stable.   This was their group’s first day, and they and their parents were being oriented to the barn and given some safety rules.
They were all there in a bunch as I led Angel out of the arena.  The trainer was advising them on how to be respectful of these big animals, and to stay out of the way.  Angel was standing quietly as I closed the gate.  I said to the trainer, “They may pet him, if they wish.”  She let the kids come up to Angel.
These kids were curious, active, made a lot of noise, one was carrying a toy that blinked and made noise, some were shy about approaching such a big animal.  Angel just stood there like a rock.  I knew he’d be good (or I wouldn’t have offered) and he’s always been very gentle with kids.  But I was so proud of how he didn’t move a foot, just had his ears up and wanting to say hello, and letting – almost inviting – these children to touch him, putting his head down so they could touch his nose.  The blinking lights, the squealing, the activity, none of that bothered him in the slightest.  Horses know.
I’m sure there’s a theological angle in there somewhere, but I think I’m just going to enjoy the moment!
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1 Response to Like A Rock

  1. Hi Janet! I love this story. I think the theological angle is that if we say that love for others is a mark of Divine nature, then Angel exhibited her inner light to the world by being so calm around these kids. Humans aren’t the only ones who have this within them. In fact, our nonhuman siblings sometimes show it far more than we do. 🙂

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