Equestrianship and the Worship Committee

My church has formed a brand-new worship committee. We haven’t had one for a long time, but decided we needed one to guide the process of bringing a contemporary liturgy to our service. I asked to be part of it (and ended up the chair, go figure) because this is really important to me. That’s the primary reason I go to church. I love the people, but I don’t go for the company. As an extreme introvert (yeah, go figure, again) I can take or leave the coffee hour or other group “fellowship” (I hate that word) times. But worship is important to me.

Last Sunday was another cattle sorting day. Angel and I did wonderfully, as did my partner, Sid on Cheyenne. We had 4 (out of 4) good runs, i.e., we weren’t disqualified for anything. I successfully held the gate twice. No wrong cows got through. That job is getting a little easier. And during my first sorting run I got 6 cows, and during the second I got 9 – the 10th and last one slipped in just past the time. Angel and I had a rhythm going. We were so in sync, we just seemed to know what to do and it all seemed very natural. And it was fun! No worries, no stress, lots of joking and laughing, great camaraderie with my friends.

The day before was a different story. We had a “play day” at the stable, and the same 4 of us participated in an obstacle course. I thought that Angel, as a ranch horse, would do well. Not so much. He went over poles and the bridge just fine, but didn’t want to step over higher obstacles nor knock the ball out of the ring, and I didn’t even ask him to go over the tarp. I knew that would be a deal-breaker. Why such difficulties? Angel has issues with his legs. He has old injuries; we think he got tangled in something and was badly hurt a long time ago. He has real trust issues with where he puts his feet. While I’d like him to be comfortable with anything he should encounter, the truth is, I have to accept him with his issues and all. After all, I have issues of my own!

Worship should be like the cattle sorting day. Natural, easy, enjoyable, no stress, but still important and “getting the job done.” I hope to bring those same qualities not only to our contemporary services but our traditional ones as well. Some people will have issues with any change in the service, for a variety of reasons. All of those issues are valid, for them. Our job is to create a service that is organic: natural to our true selves and how we understand God. That is my goal.

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1 Response to Equestrianship and the Worship Committee

  1. Rebecca says:

    Nice post- good luck with the committee….

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