Relationship – Part 2

I started this topic as a way to cope with the more and more frequent news about animal abuse, especially when it happens to horses. “TB Friends Horse Rescue” is the project of a couple near Davis who rescue horses off the race track who would otherwise be sent to slaughter, and from feed lots where they have been dumped to await purchase by the meat truckers. They also rescue horses from so-called “Mexican rodeos,” where apparently the highlight is the tripping of running horses. These horses come to TB Friends scared and scarred with horrific rope burns. Horses in the Miami area are being stolen and butchered for their meat, sometimes butchered while still alive.

Either through cruelty or neglect born out of ignorance or not caring, they suffer. The disconnect is frightening. If one cannot see the soul in their eyes, it’s a short step to not see the soul in my eyes, or yours. I’m not totally against eating meat – sometimes you’re the fox and sometimes you’re the rabbit, and I think all nature understands this. But that’s no excuse to torture the animal beforehand.

I guess that’s the end of my rant on this subject for now. I just had to get it off my chest.

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